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Hand-made jewellery by Dee Lodge - BlueHouse jewellery

Welcome to BlueHouse Jewellery, a range of beautifully individual handcrafted jewellery to suit any needs and occasions - all created by myself, Dee Lodge.


From pieces to wear everyday to work or on the beach to the more formal wear, for all age ranges.

It all started as a small hobby in 2005 when I regulary had to mend bracelets bought from shops and markets etc after catching them on door and cupboard handles (easily done!!). Due to this, combined with an interest I have in beads - mixing and matching colours and designs, I decided to give it a go and create my own. Apart from attending a few workshops plenty of reading & even more experiments I am self taught. From this BlueHouse has grown, from the early days of making necklaces & earrings for family & friends to taking part in craft fairs & orders for special occasions.


I specialise in bead & wire work where the wire is either shaped by wrapping it around a specialised peg board or shaped by using strong fingers (and many chipped nails!!) Sometimes a much finer wire is used & the beads are held in place by crimps.


I have built up a vast range of beads and stones which come from various countries, New Zealand, Singapore India France to name but a few as well as home made beads from Cornwall all the way up to Scotland. All of a high quality and standard - i.e. colours which do not run and pieces which do not crack or break easily.


The wire used is either very low nickel, sterling silver, wire covered in silver coating or rolled gold. Earring posts and hooks are now all silver or rolled gold.


This is the new website which is much easier to navigate on your phone to your pc and provides much better security. Check back regularly as the site is updated with new content and fixes.


If you are interested in any of the jewellery, please do not hesite to get in touch with me.

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